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[23 May 2007|09:58pm]
So as life spirals out of control, I continue to be strangely complacent and do nothing to fix it, well that's got to change. Writing right now is therapeutic, but hopefully it will result in something. Last night was a disaster and tomorrow I have to go to Ben Hem which is never fun. I still haven't found a job for the remainder of the summer and as everyone is enjoying their time back I'm left out...which for some reason isn't bothering me. The next month needs to turn things around or I'm going to drown in my own shortcomings and lack of direction. Call me when everything's been sorted out.

I need a title for what I'm working on, but I hate sharing things when they aren't finished.
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[16 May 2007|06:32pm]
Am I the only one who loves this kind of weather?
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[16 May 2007|10:30am]
[ mood | awake ]

Sunday night my cousin Matt who goes to Northeastern called me up to meet him to catch 28 Weeks Later at the Fenway theater, it was good to hang out with him for the first time in awhile, since a few months ago when we were supposed to catch a screening of Hot Fuzz at the Brattle, but it was full so we just wandered around Harvard for awhile and talked. I was very skeptical about a sequel to such an original movie, but at the very least the trailers looked to entertain even if it didn't have the depth or style of the original (given the director was absent). Which was the case, it was edge of your seat, hold on to your life action, with some topicality even if not as much, and shots of London just being empty are still chilling and mind boggling how they achieved them. One drawback was this one obviously went bigger budget than the dirt cheap original that was shot on DV cameras mostly handheld to achieve a freakish post-apocalyptic look and feel. In this one during attack scenes the camera is just completely out of control and really quick editing, and it's only in these scenes that it takes on a grainy filter that would "match" the look achieved by the original. Still, much better than I could have expected, although there was one character who literally should have been dead a lot sooner.

Monday was alright, kind of slow, more unpacking. Then headed over to the high school for what was supposed to be frisbee with Kelsea, Regina, and Sara, but in all my crap from school I couldn't find it, so we played soccer for awhile instead, then wandered over to Liberty's...both of them and had dinner then ice cream. Twas a good time.

Yesterday as well as most of this week was spent fixing my room and researching new schools (oh and the pool was opened yesterday meaning people can come swimming next week.) and then at around 4:30 I went off to the Red Sox game, which they blew but it was still a good time.

Speaking of schools these are the ones I'm considering at the moment among others:

Temple University (Philadelphia, PA)
Drexel University (ditto)
Chapman University (Orange, CA)
University of Texas (Austin, TX)
American University (DC)
Thames Valley University (London, UK)
University of the Arts London

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Randomosity [12 May 2007|11:57pm]
[ mood | amused ]

So last night Ellen IMs me and since we've been talking about doing something for so long but are both busy at various different times haven't gotten to, but we're both done with school and she doesn't go back to Michigan for a week and a half we have a while to hang out, so we decide to meet up in Boston, the plan was to meet at Park Street at 2:30, I was running late and was in Newton so I hopped on at Eliot instead of Riverside, of all times Ellen was getting on too, so instead of riding alone listening to music we met up early, with her boyfriend Greg, who'd gone ice skating with us at Babson (since Olin students get to go for free) a few months back. So we still got off at Park and wandered over to Faniuel Hall and had food, they ran into some of their friends from Olin (mind you this extra special school only has a little over 300 students) then we wandered over to the waterfront for a bit but they complained because it was a bit windy (that's nothing compared to the day in february when I nearly had my face blown off walking through Boston to take a lot of pictures) so instead we walked back through the city and looked at some historic graveyards, a strange hobby of mine and through the Common and Public Garden through Copley, had ice cream at the Prudential then got on the B line to go see their friend at BC, I joked that we didn't blend in perfectly as we aren't preppy enough, although Greg was wearing a maroon and gold sweatshirt. Greg mostly wanted to mooch off people who had tons of money left on their dining plans, so his friend was going out and just left the card to us to go to the commons and shop, we dragged like $50 of snacks back to Olin where they were having a movie out on the lawn, Wet Hot American Summer (which is strange because Clark did the exact same thing a few weeks ago, same movie). The dorms at BC...weird considering the rooms have a keypad entry system.

It was a lot of random fun, didn't accomplish much but a nice diversion/social opportunity. LN and I are planning to go to Six Flags next saturday which is funny as I'm planning so many separate Six Flags trips, with them, Clarkies at some point and no doubt various trips with Natick people, that's why the season pass is so amazing.

Still considering shipping off the UK, I told LN she'd have to visit me.

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[11 May 2007|05:11pm]
[ mood | relieved ]

So while summer has begun, and has earlier than most people I haven't really been able to enjoy it much, I wish our pool was open already.

I've worked the past three days and as any subbing day it's ups and downs where I enjoy it and we get things done, and it's hell and I just want to go home. Thursday I "floated" at Ben Hem, meaning they had meetings all day during school and movied people around, when I started they asked me the range of ages I would do, I said 2-8th, last week for part of the day I was in with a bratty first grade class and this week I got dealt an out of control Kindergarten group, it's always so much fun dealing with the one or two troubelmakers in every class, for the most time they make me feel in retrospect like it all sucked, when most of the kids make it enjoyable, these few just leave such a bad mark. Today I was in for Gym at Wilson, which I'd done before and the teacher doesn't have any classes after noon, so I thought I'd be able to leave then, later some woman from the office comes down to tell me they need me to cover the band class for 5th grade as the teacher was on a field trip, that's fine they have a right to tell me that especially since I'm getting paid for the full day, and at that point I still get out a period early, but it was a disappointment and awkward as I was dressed for gym so I certainly didn't look like I should be subbing in a classroom, but I knew most of the kids already. But they were disasterous so by the time I was finally done I was pretty bitter even though for the most part it was a free and easy day. Oh well, I'm not sure what to expect with MCAS next week, I may not get called at all which would be both a blessing and a curse.

Wednesday was OK, I went over to Chesnut Hill now that I could be rid of my laptop if it came to that, and they fixed the glitch that caused the computer to not recognize the battery, and replaced the battery as well, Apple Care's protection plan is pretty sweet, got a new iPod case and then went over to Jordan's to the IMAX.

I'm also scouring options for schools and I'm really considering going to school in London, which offers courses in 10 week time frames with rolling admission, and lots of options for film, that could be the change I need.

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Still working on that title thing... [09 May 2007|03:27pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

So the past two days have been hectic, I just got back from spending the day with fifth grade at Wilson, which was actually fun and not too much hassle, ran into Greg Mercuri on my way home, stopped and chatted for awhile. Tomorrow's not so good because I'm at Ben Hem, and those kids can get on my nerves easily and while they're still at the age of liking school, they're too energetic and don't respect substitutes in the least, which makes me look bad because I'm so young. While at Wilson, they're not yet hating school, they have fun with you and for the most part do as you say.

Yesterday I hung out with Chris and Tal for awhile for the first time in a long time, we played Wario Ware on Wii for awhile and enjoyed making fools out of ourselves with Bungee Buddies, then went to Panera for dinner, went to various stores in the area looking to buy Shaun of the Dead so we could watch it but inexplicably, none of them had it, and the one DVD I was going to get at Game Stop the guy couldn't find because they keep them out of the cases behind the counter, brilliance. So instead I bought th GC game Chibi-Robo which I haven't found time to play yet, and we came back here and watched Smokin' Aces (speaking of which, listening to some Clint Mansell at the moment...he's so amazing.) then I was planning on going to be almost as soon as they left so for once I could get the right amount of sleep, but it took me about an hour after that to go to bed, and then my usual long period of not falling asleep, still getting to bed by 11:30's an accomplishment I suppose.

Now I'm off to Chesnut Hill to take my laptop in to the Apple store as I've been living with problems with it for awhile, but their protection plans are excellent so I'm not worried, I've just got to back up all my files on my external hard drive in case, then I'm off to the IMAX.

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I really need to start coming up with titles for my entries again... [06 May 2007|11:29am]
[ mood | blah ]

So I'm done, it's all over. I regret that I didn't have a lot of time to hang out with people this week, but I think I took more time than I should have versus doing work as it was. Lots of people like Paul, Chris, Sune, etc will be able to hang out this summer since we all live in the area, but there's the international people, and Pauline/Kai way out in Hawaii, oh well, until August for them.

This week I'm working at least wednesday-friday at Wilson, maybe tuesday, but I'm taking tomorrow off to settle all my stuff back in. People should start arriving home soon/those that already did like Sargina...that's right I said it, so hopefully summer kicks off in a big way soon.

I've yet to find a job for after the middle of June...I should get on that, my classes at BU start May 22nd, but that's only two days a week so it shouldn't inhibit too many things.

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[29 Apr 2007|06:35pm]
Today most of my family got together at the Crown Plaza for brunch for my dad's birthday tomorrow. It was good to see some cousins, aunts, etc. I got uncomfortable when my future plans for school began to be discussed since I didn't really want that to be anybody's business.

I'm currently printing reams of paper to sift through to write two four page essays for my final assignment for anthropology, the sooner I finish the better that way I'll have one class out of the way. That leaves me 3 or 4 Shakespeare plays to read for my final on friday (at fucking 8:00 in the morning) two videos to edit, and some German to finish up, ugh I'm going to drown in work. Did I mention I'm also working during the day tuesday-thursday....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I've got my eye on a deal on a Sony camcorder, it's going for $750 on most sites (MSRP: $1,000) but this camera site has it for around $500, it shoots in HD and can do 24 frames per second (video shoots in 30fps, whereas film is 24, hence why video looks weird) and unlike most people I have the software and hardware on my computer to handle High Definition, sweet. It's just a matter of getting myself to spend that kind of money, whooo.
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[27 Apr 2007|01:18pm]
[ mood | working ]

So today's assignment is certainly a strange one. I was told the other day they needed me to sub for fifth grade English for the second half of the day, 11-2, I show up and they're shuffling people all over the building, I was in one place doing very little from 11:20-12:00 and now I'm in a 7th grade class doing nothing as they work from 12:45-1:30, then I'm off. I knew it was only a half day, but I'm still being paid for a half day for what, 85 minutes of "work", doesn't seem like a good use of tax dollars haha.

Then it's home to work on all the final assignments I need to do for next week, and maybe hanging out with Chris if he comes back from the Aquarium...weirdo that he is, haha.

I feel like there's more to say but I'm really blanking at the moment, perhaps I'll update when I get home. This computer's keyboard is really dirty BTW.

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[25 Apr 2007|04:20pm]
[ mood | confused ]

So you know when you make a graph the looks like a wave, well that's how my mood has been lately, ridiculously up and down. I've been have a good time and a shit time this week on so many levels, I kind of need it to be over just for stability's sake. Next week I have to be here for the last day of class on monday, then I'll hopefully be subbing in Wilson from tuesday to thursday, and then I have to come back to hand in final assignments and take my only in-class final on friday, then it's outta Worcester, of course it still leaves me in waiting until early may...oh fun times.

If anyone has a suggestion for what to do for a tolerable summer job let me know.

On monday when Chris, Paul, Sune, Dave and I went to DHP (that's Dead Hooker Pond) to fly the shark kite we found a slightly retarded hamster wandering around up on the hill near a tree, it was kind of sad, Sune named him Humphrey even though Dave and I said naming something that'll probably be dead in a few hours isn't a good idea (she also named a weird looking goose O'Brien, she'd named a goose Winston a few weeks ago but he wasn't distinct enough to know who he was, so all geese there are named Winston except O'Brien) but surprisingly on a much needed stress-reliever walk there by myself yesterday I saw him wandering about still, but when Chris, Dave, Paul and I went walking today we found his half-eaten remains, we wanted to have a Viking funeral for him in the pond. Then we wandered through the rain in the cemetary for awhile and came back to Bullock, my shoes are fucked up on the soles and I wasn't wearing socks so now my feet hurt.

I'm searching out the best deal on a decent new video camera after the theft incident.

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[22 Apr 2007|07:34pm]
So I'm about to head back to Worcester for the last full week, and I've got so much on my plate, I want to be able to stay sane, finish all of this work and be able to enjoying hanging out with people some more before the semester is over.

On the other hand I cannot wait for summer to roll around and people start coming back. I want the pool to be open and to have more free time, should be a lot more fun than last summer. Hopefully I'll be able to see Michigan/Warren people more this year, and even some Clark people.

I need to find a job for the remainder of the summer after the end of June, something that can be fun and with a flexibile schedule given all I want to do, luckily subbing is making quick money, oh and I got $250 in tax refunds back so that's always good.

Good thing this weekend: the Red Sox pulling off two impressive victories against the Yankees...hopefully completing a sweep tonight? Get them now well the Yankees are quite injured, three more games against them next weekend as well.

Oh did I mention that I need to do two video projects and it seems someone stole my camera...or my room magically ate it.
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[20 Apr 2007|11:29pm]
[ mood | awake ]

I'm not even sure why...but Pearl Jam's song "Other Side" just moved me to tears, I had been stuck on this music project that was due two weeks ago, now I know what to do it on. It's such a sad/beautiful song, and to think it's a b-side. Their b-sides collection "Lost Dogs" never ceases to amaze, their throwaway songs can have so much more depth than the album/radio material of any popular artists. Speaking of artists with depth, I've begun to go back and collect all of R.E.M.'s what 13? albums.

Sitting at Fresh City today eating lunch I heard the music that they were playing and it just made me sad that garbage like that that's basically produced by record companies (not actual musicians) to sell to 12 year old girls, that's fine when it's made as pop music or boy bands, at least we know that's for fun and to make money, but when you stray into mass-producing rock music, or singer-songwriter territory that's just wrong. There is not music appreciation these days, I'm not going to tell you your music sucks and be an indie elitist (idiotic hipocrisy) but there should be an appreciation for music written and played with real emotion, songs that were written about something or to say something to the world, whether or not I like the poetry of the lyrics or how the band comes off sounding, at least I can respect that.

I'm not going to say there isn't a place for just plain fun music, but when I'm surrounded at school with people who only listen to stuff like that, it's kind of depressing.

I learned the chords for Jeff Buckley's "Last Goodbye" today...of course I could never sing it since no one on earth has the vocal range he possessed...to think it's been nearly 10 years already, such a tragedy.

Wow...what a strangely rambling music related post.

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[20 Apr 2007|11:21am]
Wow. Chris Cornell's show last night at Avalon would have been amazing enough if it was a large capacity facility and he'd been known for one band. But no, he's a rock legend and was able to create a nice mix of Soundgarden's stuff, Audioslave's, his previous solo stuff and some new stuff off the upcoming album, as well as a tribute to Bob Marley after a fan gave him a sweaty Marley t-shirt so he played Redemption Song, and it was in a club with what around 2,000 capacity, I couldn't have been more than 15-20 feet from the stage. Oh and throw in some Temple of The Dog (tribute project featuring Cornell, some friends and future members of Pearl Jam.

I was kind of mad when Audioslave was dissolved in January because I wanted to see them tour for their album "Revelations" which had only come out last September, but Cornell's solo work is great and with him out of the picture Rage Against The Machine has formed again (Audioslave was made up of Cornell and the guitarist, drummer and bassist from Rage, now they'll be doing some shows with Zach De La Rocha, their vocalist for the first time since 2000 over the summer, hopefully they'll stay together) and he plays an awesome show both when it's just him and an acoustic guitar, and with his pretty awesome support band.

The set list:

Spoonman (SG)
Outshined (SG)
Hungerstrike (Temple of the Dog)
No Such Thing (new solo song)
Like A Stone (AS)
Original Fire (AS)
Burden in my Hand (SG)
Pretty Noose (SG)
Seasons (solo)
Can't Change Me(acoustic) (solo)
Redemption Song(acoustic)
Doesn't Remind Me(1/2 acoustic) (AS)
Cochise (AS)
Safe and Sound (new solo)
You Know My Name (solo, his theme song to Casino Royale)
Rusty Cage (SG)

1st encore:
Say Hello 2 Heaven (Temple of the Dog)
Ghost (new solo, first time he's ever played it live)
Black Hole Sun (SG)

2nd Encore:
Slaves and Bulldozers (SG)

Chris Cornell has one of the most unique voices in music, and can pull of rock music like no other, as well as quieter acoustic songs, but the range he had back in Soundgarden/first solo album days seemed to have evaporated while he worked with Audioslave, still a cool voice just couldn't hit the high notes he used to, but he's certainly come all the way back somehow, which is weird considering voice normally goes with age (Although he's only 42), unfortunately the song that would have displayed the pinnacle of his range from SG, "Jesus Christ Pose" wasn't played last night although he has been doing it on this tour. I also wanted to hear Audioslave's "Be Yourself" and his solo songs "Preaching the End of The World" and "Wave Goodbye" but it was excellent none-the-less. Here's hoping he continues to tour after the album "Carry On" comes out in June.
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[19 Apr 2007|02:13pm]
[ mood | okay ]

So tuesday night a lot of stuff hit me, but I know I'm not in the position to deal with it at the moment so I've been letting myself relax and hope to tackle most of it when I go home, which will be in 2 hours. Due to many issues I haven't been able to finish this project that was due last wednesday, but I'm not in the best working environment, so the weekend will help, and hopefully the professor will be understanding as I've been sick for two weeks (with something new coming on as my lymph nodes are inflamed, making moving my neck feel horrible) and under a ridiculous amount of stress, from school, home and decisions for the future, or he could be a dick and I get a much lower grade, ugh. The final project will be better.

So tuesday was Spree Day, where the school cancels all classes and throws a big party to celebrate spring, that part didn't work out as well considering it was still rainy, so everything had to be inside. There were fun inflatables like a bungee race, and a mechanical bull, which Kai kicked ass at. I spent most of the day hanging with Kai, Justin, my room-mate Aaron (until he and a bunch of B3ers headed off to Albany for a Billy Joel concert) there were a bunch of bands, like Clark's Axis of Evil, and we all went to see State Radio and Lupe Fiasco perform at the end of the day which was a lot of fun. State Radio is from Sherborn strangely enough and Kai said the singer looked like a Yeti, but Meghan insisted she get her picture taken with him haha. Lupe Fiasco showed that rap can be really interesting when it's not stereotypical gangsta BS so he was a lot of fun to watch.

But even better than those shows, I'm going to see Chris Cornell at Avalon tonight.

Yesterday I started packing stuff up so I could move stuff out piece by piece starting today and I ended up starting to put the furniture back the way it was in the beginning of the year (and the way most people kept there's) our room has been rearranged so many times, but it had been the same since January, it was time for a change. It didn't end up completely normal, but it's nice and a lot less cluttered now. It took me all afternoon to get it organized.

Then we all hung out for awhile, Kai was doing Day of Silence so it was interesting to communicate with him through charades, especially when he was able to express "Simon (the RA) has a pole up his ass" and Allie interpreted it haha. Then we went to dinner, it was Chris's birthday and his girlfriend Sam from home was here as she'd gone to the concert with them, which was fun. Then I just talked and joked with Justin and Kai for awhile and eventually the three of us plus Dave and Aaron ended up watching Shrek in the newly designed room, and afterwords people got food for Chris's birthday and we hung out in here and partied to Justin's selections of cheesy music from Aaron's computer. This show's the things I'll miss about this, but most all of them are living together next year in an 8 person suite so visting will be simple.

Sometimes it's good to be able to put off dealing with problems and just taking time to move things around (literally??) and enjoy life.

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[10 Apr 2007|12:26pm]
[ mood | busy ]

So I pretty much just need school to get out of my face right now, since Clark hasn't been a fit for me all it's doing right now is screwing things up, hopefully once the semester is over I'll be able to put stuff together better.

But for starters I found some good classes I'm going to take at BU this summer, probably much better than the ones I wasted my time with this year, so yes it seems I chose the wrong school out of my final two after all and I just may reneg on that decision next year.

I found out that the one final I have just so happens to be on the absolute last day, meaning I'm done with classes on April 30th, and then I don't have that test until May 8th, just get it over with, sheesh. Meaning I'll be leaving, substituting for a week, and then finishing the semester, then coming back to more subbing? Whatever. I need to find a job to do for the remainder of the summer after the middle of June.

Today I need to avoid hanging out with people and do well on a German take home test, and start a paper due for Shakespeare on thursday. There's also the prospect of another project that's supposed to be due tomorrow, I may or may not address that today.

Oh and shall I explain more of my situation? As I await what my options for next semester are I have to plan to be here (even though I'm pretty sure no matter what the deal turns out to be I'm withdrawing from this school, the academics just are not up to par for such an expensive school) so that means picking out classes which I'll be registering for on thursday, but that also means figuring out housing. I didn't want to leave anyone with a random room-mate assigned to them if we planned to live together next year and I wasn't here so I didn't make plans with anyone, Papiya and I were both going to go for single rooms, but if we couldn't get them due to the lottery we were going to go for a double together, well by luck of the draw she got a really good number and I got one of the worst, meaning she's all set and I'm screwed. I don't even know how you go in to find a random person without going on the waitlist, plus that means I get some random reject person that no one wanted to live with. Oh and even better, I'm about two miles out of range to be a commuter student. Oh well, even more reason not to come back. Not that I want to sound bitter as there will be people I'll miss, but of course I'll be close by to visit, but for all their fanfare, and tuition costs, which are on me, this is not a top notch school unless you're looking for certain programs like pyschology and biology.

On a more fun note, Tal would be happy that a bunch of us watched Labyrinth in here last night.

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[07 Apr 2007|12:51am]
Well, well. Where to begin. I guess you could say things are going better at the moment...but I guess it's more I've been ignoring issues and having fun in the face of mounting pressure...something I should probably face this coming week. Ugh, I wish I could avoid phony people, some of the B3ers can really piss me off, because I know they don't care that much and that we have nothing in common, but I let us crawl back towards each other for some reason, it's not as if I don't have friends from outside the floor, but it's so easy to fall back into the community no matter how angry I am at people, plus some of my best friends at Clark are in that group, which sometimes means hanging out with the outliers in the group that I just can't stand, it's much better when those who's company I really enjoy can just hang out in my room, but those moments are rare.

This week I wanted to be home almost as soon as I'd left, people and Clark in general were just getting to me so much, I got a killer cold from tuesday on and since German was cancelled thursday night I decided I could miss Shakespeare on thursday (after all it was Romeo and Juliet we were covering that day) and went home wednesday night to sleep it off, no work friday since there's no school then. I'm getting better a bit each day, but I may not get colds often but when I do, they're downright evil.

Thursday was a lot of sleeping and watching the Red Sox, then went out for a sick-bay reprieve to Meet the Robinsons in 3D which was a lot of fun, and the closest thing Disney's come to their classic formula, very well done.

Today was a lot of housework, then caught The Namesake in the afternoon, and then hung out with Chris and Tal here for the evening. First we watched a rerun of House, then somehow got hooked into a Lifetime movie about a girl pretending to be fat for a project, crap as usual but for once on those stupid "movies" it seemed like it had potential as the acting wasn't horrible, but the screenplay was so cliched and unrealistic, whoever wrote it didn't have a grasp on reality, but we kept watching anyway haha having fun, except for the impromptu trip to Stop&Shop in the middle to fill an ice cream fix.

So I've been having some fun, but been ignoring work, the impending end of the semester, and generally the future haha.

Hopefully I can have a more productive week this time around as Six Flags opens next weekend and I'm looking forward to that.
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[27 Mar 2007|12:03pm]
[ mood | discontent ]


So this weekend was a good get-away after last week's issues. Friday I subbed for 5th Grade Math and science, which went pretty well, minus a few disrespectful incidents. I sat there throughout the day remembering when I was in fifth grade, it was the last year I lived in Warren, I sat thinking that things weren't this ridiculous back then, thinking that this is the edge between ignorance to the rest of the world and being forced to see it for what it is, then sharply contrasting that with 10 and 11 year old kids who couldn't stop getting out of their seats to gossip. It was a strange experience, but I survived and managed to read 60 or so pages of the book I was reading during the day, I haven't been able to have too much free reading time during the semester, not so much because I'm overwehlmed with work, but just being generally distracted.

Friday afternoon mi madre and I enjoyed some good old nostalgia with TMNT. Nothing too special, but it was a good trip back to the early 90's. Then it was off to Greg's where Lisa, Regina, Kelsea, Sara and Stef met to head off to Coldstone, picked up Cory on the way and "endured" Lisa and company singing to loudly to crazy pop music and of course Celine Dion. Then we went back to my house and did the usual: Apples to Apples and bizarre photos. It was an enjoyable reunion, most people won't be around until late May.

Saturday seems a bit blank now, kind of just a typical weekend day, caught a really good German film and then hung out at home.

Sunday I met with my cousin Matt in Cambridge with intent to go to a preview screening of Hot Fuzz at the Brattle, but they gave out way too many passes, although during the line we did witness an interesting demonstration from BLOWW, the Boston League of Women Wrestlers. So instead of the movie we walked over to the Garage, poked around at Newbury Comics and then got something to eat, then we just walked around the square and the Harvard campus and talked, we hadn't hung out in awhile so it was good to catch up, and that's the one thing you can appreciate about Harvard, the architecture of the buildings is stunning. Then it was back to Worcester which I was kind of dreading.

I've been trying to turn so many things around, but when obstacles fly in my face, or obnoxious people it just makes it so difficult, so yesterday was tough but it ended okay having fun with Sune, Kai and Paul, but I'm not in the best place right now, on top of having to figure out so many different things.

Currently i'm watching Why We Fight to write a paper on it, it has its compelling moments, but it's also all over the place, and started fairly objective but it's quickly becoming more and more opinion based than fact, I can't abide documentaries that pass opinion off as fact, or ones that meander aimlessly around a point haha.

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[21 Mar 2007|06:08pm]
[ mood | confused ]

It's probably stupid to even attempt to voice this here but I will. Over the past two days I've fallen into this funk and while I'm not totally closed off to everyone, I feel like I might just do that pretty soon if people don't stop, I'm also getting this confusing feeling, last night all I wanted to do was be home in my own room. We had the biggest turn out for movie night here in 303 for a long time, including RA Simon and the Head RA Lindsay, which started out fun, but half the people in the room were just being completely immature and obnoxious which kind of pissed me off, then something after that really set me off.

So today, if people want to come to me they can, because I'm not searching them out. This afternoon Paul, Allie and I just hung around watching Law and Order which was a fun waste of time, both of them are such cool people, whereas with most people here no matter how much fun I have with them, they can definitely do things to get on my nerves, a select few are just awesome, which even when I'm feeling pretty down can show something positive about having ended up at this school.

I've got a bunch of work I just can't seem to get done lately, after kicking the habit for most of the semester, now I'm stuck in a rut again and it sucks. In general I'm just not feeling good about myself right now, hopefully something comes along to change that, but I won't hold my breath. I'm wondering right now where I might be subbing on friday.

There's so much more I'd like to say, and so much of what's above I'd like to clarify, but I don't really know how to do so.

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[18 Mar 2007|12:45am]
So during my first middle school subbing experience on friday, I realized that 8th graders don't fit. 5-7th graders were all great and respectful, the 8th graders were a bunch of twerps, too immature for high school, but much too rowdy for middle school. In other news, I'd never been in the new or old Wilson (as I believe it was torn down to little more than a foundation when I moved here) and what a downgrade it must be for those kids to go from that school to good old NHS...emphasis on the OLD.

Friday brought a lot more snow than anyone was expecting, I think it had a lot to do with the fact that it had been around 70 two days before and no one wanted to believe this was coming, so the weather prevented anything from happening that night, Clarkies stayed in Worcester and I stayed at home and attempted to watch Holy Cross play in the NCAA tournament, but I kept falling asleep, and they kept falling asleep on offense, though their defense was quite impressive. It was one of those cases of fading in and out and everytime you wake up you feel like crap and you just wish you were off the couch and in bed already, but you don't have enough strength to get there yet.

Today was great, except for being woken up by my dad to help shovel the super heavy snow (thanks to rain this morning), but then it was off to Boston for the Dropkick Murphys show, which was great once they actually got started. They had two bands play before them, and between each act was a good 40 minutes of set up time which was completely excessive, so for a show that "started" at 2:00 it took until well after 3:30 for them to take the stage, but it was worth the wait. The first act, The Deadly Sins were pretty good, I'll have to check out some of their music, but the second act was some weird rock-reggae hybrid and the band was pretty full of themselves despite pretty much sucking the atmosphere out of the building, they were The Argolytes or something to that effect.

After the show was over I hoped on the train to get to Cambridge as I was going to catch a screening of Dirty Harry at the Brattle (their screening a variety of cop movies before hosting a preview of Hot Fuzz with the star/writer, so if you attend any of the other movies you get passes to that next sunday) so it was good fun to catch Clint Eastwood on the big screen and get the passes for that next week. But as I got out of the station in Cambridge I ran into Megan Parker-Gray (aka MPG) who I don't think I've seen since the rounds of graduation parties last summer, so it was good to chat with her for a little while. All in all a good day, now tomorrow I get to spend some time with my homework...then go back to Worcester.
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Mike Strikes Back [15 Mar 2007|11:53pm]
[ mood | confused ]

I have returned, what with being busy and just generally not on the internet at all as much as before I've not been here in months.

So what's happenend? The semester has been up and down as was this week, but as it stands now I've got a 4.0 this semester. B3 and the people have been great, everyday can be so much fun, and people like Chris, Kai, Paul and Sune can turn some of my worst days so much better. I kind of dread the end of the semester as i just won't be the same next year without everyone on the same floor, being able to yell up and down the hall to each other, always having doors open and always being able to hang out. Although it's likely most everyone will be in Dana/Hughes halls which are right next to each other, and someone's...probably my, room will have to be designated as THE hang out place as Bullock 303 certainly has become.

Yesterday's weather was just amazing, I came back from class and headed out to lunch with Sune and Chris, then ended up going out to play frisbee with a group with Paul, but there were too many people there we don't really like so we ended up walking down to the park/DHP (that's Dead Hooker Pond), then we came back and ended up watching a Colbert rerun and Law & Order, then Sune and Chris came back so we wanted to go out again so we strolled through DHP again, and then through the beautiful Worcester and wandered through a cemetary. Then late in the evening as it was Pi day, Sune, Paul, Allie and I watched Pi (Faith in Chaos). We've also been having regular movie nights in my room on tuesdays which has been a great way to break up the week.

Luckily most of us live in New England (except for the outlier, Kai from Hawaii) so we'll be able to get together over the summer.

In other news I had been 100% in picking the NCAA brackets today until freaking VCU beat Duke...I'm still doing really well though.

Allie, Chris, Sune, Kai, and Joe may be coming to Natick tomorrow to the IMAX so that should be a fun way to kick off the fun filled weekend, with Dropkick Murphys and Brattle on saturday, and possibly the parade on sunday in Southie.

Tomorrow I get to teach gym at Wilson.

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